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Design Articles

Creating Visual Impact

A print design project communicates a message, but that message will go unnoticed unless your marketing project has the visual impact to get a reader's attention...Read More

Typography: Choosing the Right Typeface for your Project

The typeface that you choose for your print project is an important piece of the overall design process. With over 20,000 typefaces available and more being created every day, where do you begin? Read More

Optimizing Website Photographs and Graphics

How long do you wait for a website to load before clicking away and trying another URL? Most people won’t wait longer than an average of 8 seconds with a 56K modem. Although many things can effect the load time of a website, improper and overuse of graphics and images is one of the more frequent problems...Read More

Principles of Design

In design, balance is best understood when compared to the physical world. Think of a physical object, such as a glass of water. When the glass is tipped or off balance, it falls over and spills. To keep a scale in balance it must have equal weight...
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Using Dashes in Typography

The shortest dash; should only be used between words or to break syllables at the end of a line of type...
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About Paper

Artisan Design Studio provides this guide to paper types and grades.

Choosing the right paper for your print project is essential. With so many papers to choose from, these categories can help narrow down the choices. Once you know the type of paper and grade (usually based on your project budget), your designer can provide samples and advise you on colors and textures..

Glossary of Design Terms

A glossary of common terms used in the Design and Printing industries.